Welcome to Well-tech

Europe is ageing. People live longer and fewer children are born. There will be more and more old people in Europe. The intent of European governments is to support elderly people more in their own homes instead of nursing- and care homes. Different technologies, a.o welfare technologies come in handy here. Working life is also changing: "New technology will be used to improve the accessibilty, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of services" (Tampere City Strategy). Care workers need time and new skills to manage digitalization and new technologies.


Care workers need new skills to manage totally new technologies. Teachers teaching care workers must be able to teach these skills. In this project we exchange good practices in teaching welfare technology and create an open bank of teaching materials to be used in teaching future care workers. Present students are testing the material and are the ambassadors of welfare technology in their practice places and future working places. The focus of the project lies on home care of the elderly.

Teaching materials

A package of teaching material for welfare technology. The material is divided into 6 thematic categories:

-Live at home as long as possible
-Applications you can use in diseases
-Try out applications
-Robotics in health care
-Welfare technology conversations in individual situations

Aspects of welfare technology (with welfare technology me wean):

Welfare technology in:
-evaluating and monitoring health and capability
-supporting independent life
-maintaining and increasing safety
-improving social interaction, involvement and participation

Other results

The students and teachers attending the project have given regular feedback during the project time. Student interviews are going to be analyzed by using longitudinal methods to detect the changes in the students, their knowledge and skills that have taken place during the project. Teachers feedback is going to be analyzed by how they describe what they learned and how they skills have changed from the point of view knowledge, know-how and skills to use the technology.